Episode 037: Creativity for Charities

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Podcast, Systematic Growth | 0 comments

Do charities and nonprofit organizations also need to be as creative and innovative as for-profit companies? Absolutely!

If you’re doing work in a nonprofit organization, volunteering work for some charity, regularly donate money to a particular organization, or have at least some involvement with a nonprofit organization, there are ways and areas where you can particularly be more creative so you can see better opportunities and help your organization of choice progress even further.

Today, let me share with you some ideas about how to apply creative thinking to a nonprofit organization. It doesn’t matter which charity, the key is deciding on your closed world and looking for ways to break fixedness.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. SIT Review
  2. 3 key areas for being creative in the nonprofit world
  3. Team Rubicon
  4. America’s Packard Museum
  5. Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation
  6. Organization for the visually impaired

Resources from this episode:

Team Rubicon

Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation

America’s Packard Museum

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